During my senior year as a computer science major at WashU:

I calculated and visualized popular clothing trends according to categorized Instagram posts from a Cornell dataset using d3.js and Python to process the clothing attributes. I worked alongside a WashU classmate, Vihar Desu.

I visualized geoclustered opioid drug transactions in my home state of NJ with two other WashU students, Ben Choi and Jessie Korovin. Our work was recognized as the top-ranked project in our "Cloud Computing with Big Data Applications" class. We used Spark (running on Amazon EMR), Python, and matplotlib to perform a k-means clustering on the data.

Over the summer, I interned with a team of engineers at eluv.io, an SF-based video and blockchain startup, to demonstrate the superior performance of their video streaming platform using React.

This year, I also participated in the CalHacks hackathon with a friend from UC Berkeley, Frank Wang, on a ride sharing challenge. We visualized ride-sharing pickup and dropoff data in Chicago to get a mapping of how to optimize ride-sharing fleet software.

Other past undergraduate work:

I created a real-estate software MVP with a WashU grad student Andrew Emory, that scanned in client contracts, then populated a personalized calendar with relevant events and sent out scheduled emails to the necessary contractors. We built it using Django, a free OCR API, Amazon s3 and Bootstrap.

I've won several hackathon competitions (both independent and on teams) in various categories, including 1st Place Eluvio Content Fabric Challenge @ CalHacks 2018, 1st Place Microsoft Azure @ Building Blocks 2018, 1st Place PubNub Civic Chatbot @ NYC Developer Week 2017. See my Devpost profile for more details.

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